Snow Thrower Guide: Accessories

      Snow thrower accessories are designed to facilitate snow clearing or make the process of utilizing the machine more comfortable. They can also help protect your snow thrower when it's not in use. Prior to purchasing an accessory, make sure that it's compatible with your particular make and model.

      Thrower Cover

      Whether you're putting it back in the garage after clearing the driveway or storing it in a shed for the summer, a cover will help protect your snow thrower when it's not in use. Covers shield snow throwers from rain, snow and sun while preventing dust and pollen from working their way inside the moving parts and causing damage. Make sure you choose one that's waterproof and will conform to the shape of your thrower for maximum coverage.

      • Covers made from heavy-duty fabric won't shrink or stretch, allowing them to maintain a consistent fit

      • Polyurethane and PVC covers are tightly woven to keep out moisture

      Thrower / Tractor Cab

      Whether you purchase a snow thrower or choose to add an attachment to your tractor, you will appreciate the addition of a cab during particularly harsh storms or cold weather. A cab provides a protective enclosure that blocks biting wind and snow blowback to keep you comfortable no matter how much snow you have to clear.

      • Freeze-resistant vinyl windows keep you safe from the wind while allowing for full visibility
      • Steel frames provide durability for repeated use

      Tractor Attachments

      If you want a powerful snow-clearing device but don't want to purchase a snow thrower, your lawn tractor may be able to handle the job with the addition of a special attachment. Hooking a snow blade to the front of your lawn tractor will enable you to clear your driveway much more quickly than shoveling. A lever allows you to raise and lower the blade from the seat of your tractor, making it easy to clear the driveway and then return the tractor to its storage place without damaging your yard or having to dismount and make adjustments.

      • Blades may be angled left or right to clear both sides of your driveway more efficiently
      Adjustable trip springs enable the attachment to skim over the top of obstacles
      • Make sure the attachment is compatible with your particular lawn tractor

      Wheel Weights and Tire Chains

      If you elect to utilize an attachment on your tractor, you will need to add weight to the wheels to increase traction and prevent slippage. Wheel weights lower your tractor's center of gravity and provide the extra mass and balance needed for efficient performance.

      Tire chains enhance traction on slippery surfaces for both snow throwers and lawn tractors using attachments
      • Weights and chains may be required when attaching a snow blade to a lawn tractor