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      Craftsman  10'' Non-Adjustable Hacksaw with Plastic Handle

        Item#  00936131000 | Model#  31961811

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      Specifications & Dimensions

      Dimensions and Capacity:
      Overall Dimensions: 10 in.
      Product Overview:
      Hand Saw Type: Hacksaw


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      Product Description

      10-in. Rigid Hacksaw Offers Quick, Clean Cutting Action

      Keep a Craftsman 10-in. rigid hacksaw ready to handle those light cutting jobs around the home or workshop. This hacksaw is for tasks that are too big for your sharpest knife and too light for the table saw. This makes it perfect for cutting wood, plastics and even some metal objects. It features a set of hardworking metal teeth that slice your material cleanly and quickly. Ideal for both home and professional use, it is one of the most versatile, convenient tools you can have in your box.

      Whatever your level of skill, the 10-in. rigid hacksaw is easy and safe to use. The handle secures your grip so you can be in complete control and work comfortably. This hacksaw's metal frame steadies it and allows you to work for hours with minimal fatigue. Construction is non-adjustable to produce consistently accurate cutting and is sturdy to guarantee long life.

      • The Craftsman 10-in. rigid hacksaw is the perfect tool for your lighter cutting jobs
      • Ideal for a variety of mid-sized tasks and projects
      • Uses sharp metal teeth to slice wood, plastic and metal objects cleanly, making accurate cuts
      • Can be used by experts and beginners for jobs around your home or shop
      • Handle provides comfortable grip for effortless cutting while preventing fatigue
      • Handle adds more control so you can work faster
      • Rigid, non-adjustable construction secures the blade and improves precision
      • Metal frame is steady and strong for smoother performance and long life
      • 10" hacksaw is a standard size used in many applications

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      Added on May 13, 2010

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