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      Craftsman  10 pc. Metric Combination Ignition Wrench Set

      Online only |   Item#  00942339000 | Model#  42339

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      Specifications & Dimensions

      Dimensions and Weight:
      Item Weight (lbs.): 0.3
      Length (in.): 2.6 in.|2.79 in.|3.02 in.|3.02 in.|3.38 in.|3.5in.|3.56 in.|3.81 in.|3.81 in.|3.95 in.
      Product Overview:
      Wrench Sizing: Metric
      Color/Finish: Silver
      Type: Ignition
      Material: Alloy steel handle
      Case Included: Yes
      Quantity in Set: 10
      Set: Set
      Warranties & Coverage:
      General Warranty: Lifetime


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      Product Description

      The Craftsman Metric Ignition Wrench Set Fine Tunes Your Tool Arsenal

      Let no bolt, no matter size or position get in your way with the Craftsman 10-piece metric combination ignition wrench set. This set includes 10 wrenches, each smartly designed to feature box-end at one end and offset, open-end at the other. This design allows you to get increased functionality from your 10-wrench set.

      This Craftsman metric ignition wrench set from Sears is guaranteed forever by the trusted Craftsman brand warranty. The wrenches in the set are measured in metric, and come in sizes 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5 and 6-11mm. Keep this kit on hand for home repairs and maintenance, for assembling furniture and appliances in your home or for working on projects in the garage.

      • This Craftsman 10-piece metric combination ignition wrench set is a versatile set that gives you many ignition wrench options for home or shop use
      • The set includes 10 wrenches: box-end at one end and offset, open-end at the other
      • Metric wrench sizes 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5 and 6-11mm
      • Guaranteed forever
      • Item weight is 0.3 lbs.

      This product is:
      • Available for Gift Wrap
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      Added on July 26, 2010

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