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Craftsman  12 Inch-60T Carbide Blade

  Item#  00937674000 | Model#  009-37674

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Specifications & Dimensions

Product Overview:
Arbor Size: 1 in.
Item Weight (lbs.): 2.55
Quantity: 1
Blade Diameter (in.): 12 in.
Blade Thickness: 0.079
Number Teeth: 60
Materials & Finish:
Material: carbide teeth
General Information:
Edgenet Data Quality Score: 84
Material Cut: Multi-Purpose
Blade Type: Circular Saw
Additional Contents: 1 blade- 60T
Package Quantity: 1
Blade Cutting Material: Carbide
Brand / Model Compatibility: Saws
Saw Blade Type: Masonry/Concrete
globalTradeItemNumber (GTIN): 00885911313254
Supplier Company Name: Craftsman
Search Keywords: 12", 60T, Carbide, Blade, 37674, Craftsman
Packaging Level: BASE_UNIT_OR_EACH
MFG Part # (OEM): 37674
Internet Product Code (IPC): 0A080DF3810
Google class path: Hardware>Tool Accessories>Tool Blades>Saw Blades
Arbor Size (in): 1 in
Wet or Dry Application: Dry
Sharpenable: No


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Product Description

12in 60T Carbide Saw Blade Has Strong Teeth so it Lasts Longer

The Craftsman 12in 60T carbide saw blade has carbide teeth that will cut into appropriate materials with less risk of breaking, chipping or cracking. You will also be able to use it many times before you require a replacement, as carbides are strong materials. You do not want a saw blade that dulls in the middle of a job, leaving you with a low quality cut.

This 12in 60T carbide saw blade is ideal for cuts that you want to have smooth finishes. This blade will not chop through a piece of wood as rapidly as one with significantly fewer teeth, but it will cut finely, leaving you with the ideal edge. This blade will also work well as a crosscut blade. The number of teeth allow it to go through material across the grain making many cuts for as fine an edge as possible.

  • 12in 60T carbide saw blade cuts smoothly across the grain of your lumber
  • The number of teeth on this saw blade means a smoother cut edge
  • Carbide teeth are strong, last long and are resistant to breaking, chipping and cracking
  • This blade has a one-inch arbor for mounting on a one-inch saw shaft
  • The Craftsman 12-inch, 60-tooth blade is designed for finer cutting, not faster cutting, such as with a ripping blade with fewer teeth

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Added on May 04, 2013


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