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      Craftsman  14pc Black Oxide Drill Bit Set

        Item#  00964414000 | Model#  64414

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      Specifications & Dimensions

      Dimensions and Weight:
      Item Weight (lbs.): 1.0 lbs.
      Product Overview:
      Material: High speed steel (HSS)
      Quick Change: Yes
      Included with Item:
      Case Included: Yes
      Package Contents: 14 drill bits
      General Information:
      Edgenet Data Quality Score: 83
      Bit Sizes: Set includes fourteen black oxide hex shank drill bits (two 1/6 in., 5/64 in., 3/32 in., 7/64 in., 1/8 in., 9/64 in., 5/32 in., 11/64 in., 3/16 in., 7/32 in., 15/64 in., 1/4 in.). Includes case.
      Drill Bit Type: Twist
      Bit Material: Black Oxide
      Recommended Safety Equipment: Eye protection
      globalTradeItemNumber (GTIN): 00051667644144
      Supplier Company Name: Jore Corporation
      SHC Business Unit: Tools
      Search Keywords: Craftsman, Drill Bits, Drill Bits Sets, Power Tool Accessories, speed-lok, speed-shank, Quick Connect
      Packaging Level: BASE_UNIT_OR_EACH
      Product Weight (In the box): 1.0
      Item is the Lowest Packaging Level: Y
      MFG Part # (OEM): 90990484
      Internet Product Code (IPC): 8D568587056
      Google class path: Hardware>Tool Accessories>Drill Accessories>Drill Bits
      Pieces: 14


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      Product Description

      14pc black oxide drill bit set

      Set includes fourteen black oxide hex shank drill bits (two 1/6 In., 5/64 In., 3/32 In., 7/64 In., 1/8 In., 9/64 In., 5/32 In., 11/64 In., 3/16 In., 7/32 In., 15/64 In., 1/4 In.). Includes case.

      Feature Benefits

      • Black oxide finish provides a corrosion-resistant coating
      • 135 degree split point penetrates on contact preventing drill bit walking
      • Multi-purpose for wood, metal and plastic
      • Craftsman warranty
      • Speed-Shank prevents tool from slipping in drill chuck

      This product is:
      • Available for Gift Wrap
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      Added on July 26, 2010

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