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      Craftsman  17mm Locking Flex Ratcheting Combination Wrench

      Online only | / Sears Exclusive. |   Item#  00942482000 | Model#  42482

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      Specifications & Dimensions

      Dimensions and Weight:
      Item Weight (lbs.): 0.63
      Length (in.): 9.81
      Metric Opening Size: 17 mm
      SAE Opening Size: Metric or Torx
      Torx Opening Size: SAE or Metric
      Product Overview:
      Ratcheting Wrench: Yes
      Length: Standard
      Set: Open Stock
      Number Of Points: 12
      Wrench Sizing: Metric
      Color/Finish: Full Polish Finish
      Flex Head: Yes
      Handle Type: Straight
      Material: Alloy Steel
      Warranties & Coverage:
      General Warranty: Guaranteed Forever


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      Product Description

      Have Torque Will Travel: The Craftsman 17mm Locking Flex Ratcheting Combination Wrench

      This 17mm locking flex ratcheting combination wrench is created with a combination of strength and flexibility that merge to let you make quick work of a variety of tasks. The strength comes from the durable alloy steel as well as the 9.81 length of the wrench, a size that gives you extra leverage. The flexibility comes from a ratcheting head that swivels 180 degrees then locks tight into 11 different positions, letting you pick an angle to slip into any tough angle. Changing positions is as simple as flipping a lever.

      The Craftsman 17mm locking flex ratcheting combination wrench has 12 points of contact that keep a tight hold on any fastener. The ratcheting arc swings a stingy 5 degrees, letting you maneuver even in tight spaces. The fully polished finish is both easy to clean and great to work with.

      • The 17mm locking flex ratcheting combination wrenchlets you adjust the box and open ends until you find the perfect angle for tight spots
      • With the flip of a lever, the ratchet head can lock into one of 11 positions as it swivels 180 degrees
      • The ratcheting swing arc is a tight 5 degrees
      • The ratchet has 12 points of contact
      • 9.81 inches long
      • Weighs .63 pounds
      • Fully polished finish
      • Made of alloy steel
      • Lifetime warranty

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      Added on July 26, 2010


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