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Craftsman  3/16 in. Edge Beading Carbide Router Bit, 1/4 in. Shank

Sears Exclusive. |   Item#  00928613000 | Model#  28613

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3/16in Edge Beading Carbide Router Bit 1/4in Shank for Superior Edging

A professional-looking beading edge is easy with the Craftsman 3/16in edge beading carbide router bit 1/4in shank. This attractive edging features a convex half-round slightly inset from the body of the piece. It's used in furniture making, house trim, framing and more. With this bit, you can enjoy uniform edging with minimal kickback risk. Vigorous relief-ground grooves produce a smooth finish while efficiently removing waste wood so the bit doesn't clog.

The forming face on this 3/16in edge beading carbide router bit 1/4in shank helps reduce the wear and tear on the head, allowing for longer use with less maintenance. Uniform grain carbide further reinforces the head so that it can work through virtually any type of wood without cracking or wearing down. A steel alloy body with 1/4-inch shank offers resilience and enough torque to work efficiently without breaking. The bit works with most standard routers, including all Craftsman routers.

  • With a 3/16-inch shaping head, the Craftsman 3/16in edge beading carbide router bit 1/4in shank creates a substantial edge that's perfect for most woodworking projects
  • Ideal for finishing tabletops, drawers, bookshelves or other items that need a high-quality look and smooth finish
  • Relief-ground bit reduces kickback and clogs while offering an extensive useful life
  • Carbide edge is amazingly resilient even with heavy use in dense wood, reducing the need for maintenance
  • Heat-treated steel alloy construction creates a solid piece that won't crack or break with the high stress and torque of working through wood
  • Forming face takes the brunt of the wear off of the finishing edges, prolonging its useful life and lending to a smooth, splinter-free finish

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Added on July 26, 2010


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