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Craftsman  36 mm Easy-To-Read Impact Socket, 6 pt. Standard 3/4 in. Drive

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Specifications & Dimensions

Product Overview:
Contact Points: 6 point
Drive Size: 3/4 in.
General Warranty: Guaranteed Forever
Item Weight (lbs.): 1.39
Socket Depth: Standard
Impact or Standard: Impact
Set: Open Stock
Unit of Measure: Metric
Marking Text Size: Easy-to-read
Socket Size: Metric or Torx
Socket Size: 36 mm
Socket Size: Metric or SAE
Screw Bit Size: Metric or SAE
Pass Through Type: No
Color/Finish: Black Oxide
Materials & Finishes:
Material: Steel


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Product Description

Deliver Tremendous Torque with the Craftsman 36mm Easy-To-Read Impact Socket, 6-pt. Standard ¾-in. Drive

Impact drivers come in handy when working with heavy-duty applications, and they rely on strong impact sockets like Craftsman’s 36mm Easy-To-Read Impact Socket, 6-point Standard ¾-in. Drive to withstand repetitive contact with heavy-duty applications. The consistent impact delivers enough torque to bust loose lug nuts or quickly secure commercial equipment. Commonly found in professional automotive and maintenance shops, the impact driver performs feats of strength, and this socket features hardened steel construction to meet those demands.

In addition to its impressive strength, the Craftsman 36mm Easy-To-Read Impact Socket, 6-pt. Standard ¾-in. Drive has easy-to-read laser-etched and stamped size markings to help you quickly identify the socket and ultimately save you time on your project.

  • Quickly identify the size of Craftsman’s 36mm Easy-To-Read Impact Socket, 6-point Standard ¾-in.
  • 36mm socket size
  • 3/4" drive size
  • 6 points of contact

This product is:
  • Available for Gift Wrap
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Added on October 21, 2010


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