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      Craftsman  5/8-Inch Elbow Ratcheting Combination Wrench

        Item#  00914573000 | Model#  14573

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      Specifications & Dimensions

      Dimensions and Weight:
      Item Weight (lbs.): 0.44
      Length (in.): 8.66
      Metric Opening Size: SAE or Torx
      SAE Opening Size: 5/8 in.
      Torx Opening Size: SAE or Metric
      Product Overview:
      Ratcheting Wrench: Yes
      Length: Standard
      Set: Open Stock
      Number Of Points: 12
      Wrench Sizing: Standard
      Color/Finish: Silver
      Flex Head: Yes
      Handle Type: Straight
      Material: Alloy steel


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      Product Description

      5/8-In. Elbow Ratcheting Combination Wrench Works the Way You Want it To

      When you're in a tight spot, the Craftsman 5/8 In. elbow ratcheting combination wrench is a fantastic addition to your toolbox. With heads that pivot to squeeze into the narrow confines of an engine or work through a small space around the house, this set will quickly become your go-to equipment when you need torque at an angle that would be awkward for most normal wrenches or ratchets.

      The swivel heads aren't the only appeal of the 5/8-In. elbow ratcheting combination wrench. The 12-point opening gives you greater grip at more angles along the fastener, increasing access while reducing necessary swing. This wrench meets SAE standards, assuring that you'll have the right tool on hand for most any job. Add it to your kit, and get the job done with the power of Craftsman.

      • The Craftsman 5/8-Inch elbow ratcheting combination wrench adjusts to fit in where ordinary tools won't go
      • Swivel design alters the length as well as the direction, helping the wrench twist into tighter spaces as well as tough angles
      • Swivel head locks into place with a click
      • Measurements meet SAE standards
      • 12-point openings grip at more angles
      • The tools are made of alloy steel with an easy-to-clean chrome finish
      • Backed by the Craftsman Forever Guarantee

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      Added on October 27, 2010


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