Craftsman Experience Projects

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      • A - 1x4 poplar
      • B - 1 1/2" screws
      • C- "L" brackets
      • D - Hinges
      • E - 1x10 poplar
      • F - Pneumatic brad nailer

      Ammo Box

      Ammo Box

      The Craftsman Experience really gets hunters prepared for hunting season by showing how to store all of your ammunition properly. Andrew Nutt from the Craftsman Experience and Big Game Hunter Tim Menzia show how to build a custom ammunition box. The guys also share some stories about their hunting experiences.


      Date: December 7, 2011

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      1. Cut 2 even pieces of 1x10 for the side panels of the box.

      2. Cut 6 pieces of 1x4 (3 for each side) to create the length of the box.

      3. Space pieces and nail them to the side panels.

      4. Cut and space 1x4 pieces for the bottom of the box and nail them to the underside of the end panels.

      5. For the top, cut and space pieces evenly, but do not nail to the rest of the box.

      6. Instead, cut cleats and run them perpendicular to top pieces and nail together.

      7. Attach hinges to the top side piece and the back piece of the top of the box to create a swinging lid.

      8. Reinforce interior of the box with "L" brackets.

      9. Sand surfaces and edges of box if desired and paint or stain to finish.