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      • A - Concrete
      • B - Acrylic stain
      • C - 4x4 cedar
      • D - 2x4 cedar
      • E - Angle braces
      • F - Melamine

      Outdoor Concrete Tabl

      Outdoor Concrete Table

      Duane Johnson shows us a unique outdoor table that has a concrete top.


      Date: December 7, 2011

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      1. Cut 4x4 to desired height for table legs.

      2. Connect the 4x4 with the 2x4 pcs. to create a base.

      3. Cut strips of melamine and create another box with a solid bottom (strips should be about 2" high).

      4. Spray glue on the bottom of melamine and roll leaves or other items to a flat finish.

      5. Mix concrete with a corded drill and a paddle bit, slowly adding in the dye and water.

      6. Pour the concrete in the melamine box.

      7. Smooth out the top and tap the sides with a hammer to get out any air bubbles.

      8. Gently knock off the melamine and attach to the wooden frame by using anchors or "L" brackets underneath.

      9. Using a cold chisel, knock around the edges to give it a rustic look.