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  • 5- 1"x4" 8ft. long
  • 1-2x4
  • Stain
  • ¾"x ¾" square stock

How to Build a Bench for Dining Room Table

Bench for Dining Room Table

The important thing is to build a bench that mimics the style of the rest of your chairs. After you decide on your style, it's easy! Match the lines of the furniture and use the same stain and you will have a seamless bench assembly.


Date: March 1, 2011

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1. Place the 4- 42 ¾" pieces face down. Space them evenly so the total width is 14 ¾". The space in between the boards will be around a ¼".

2. Screw in the 2x4 pieces at both ends and one in the center for support. Flip top over.

3. Nail a 14 ¾" piece at each end of the top and the two 44 ¼" on the side creating a box.

4. Make the legs using the 14 ¾" pieces by nailing them together in an "L" angle shape or 90° angle.

5. Flip the top back over face down and place legs in the four corners against the bottom of the 2x4's. Nail or screw the legs into the sides of the top.

6. Space the 13" stock pieces evenly in a horizontal pattern across the back of the legs on each side. (3 each)

7. Space 10" stock pieces horizontal on the back of the 13" pieces and nail together.

8. Flip your bench back over, sit, and relax.

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