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  • Dowel rod (¾" -1")
  • 2x4 (small piece)
  • Screws

How to Build Field Goal Uprights

Field Goal Uprights

Prevent injuries on the finger football field with jumbo field goal uprights. Now you can play paper football without receiving a personal foul to the face.


Date: March 9, 2011

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1. Cut 2 upright pieces at even lengths.

2. Cut a horizontal brace.

3. At the ends of the horizontal brace, come in about ¼" and use the drill press with a forstner bit to drill about halfway through the dowel.

4. Drill again on the reverse side of the horizontal dowel, right in the middle of it.

5. Apply glue and piece the 2 uprights into the 2 side drill-outs.

6. Pre-drill from the underside of the drill-outs into the middle of the upright dowels and screw in.

7. Glue and place a dowel in the center drill-out.

8. Pre-drill and screw in from the top of the dowel.

9. Use a forstner bit to make a hole through a piece of 2x4 the size of the dowel as the base.

10. Apply some glue and place upright in 2x4 and let dry.

11. Paint or stain as desired.

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