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      • 2 Plinths
      • 2 Rosettes
      • Crown molding
      • 1x6 (pine or MDF)
      • 1x10 (pine or MDF)
      • Fluted casing
      • Panel molding
      • Caulk
      • Glue
      • Wood filler

      How to Build a Fireplace Mantel

      Fireplace Mantel

      Frank Fontana builds a faux fireplace out of pre-primed MDF. This is a great and safe way to spruce up your home whether you live in the suburbs or in the city.


      Date: March 9, 2011

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      1. Cut 2 pieces of 1x6 for the front sides of the mantel.

      2. Next, rip down pieces of 1x6 to place behind the side pieces in order to bump out the mantel from the wall and give it some depth. Make sure these pieces are long enough to go behind the 1x10. See next step.

      3. Cut a piece of 1x10 that will be the top front of the mantel and rest on top of the 2 1x6 side pieces.

      4. Plinths are placed flush at the bottoms of the two side 1x6's and spaced on center.

      5. Next cut 2 pieces of fluted casing which will go on top of the plinths and to the approximate center of the 1x10.

      6. Place the 2 rosettes on centers on top of the fluted casing.

      7. Cut panel modeling with 45-degree ends and create a decorative square that will be centered on the 1x10 in between the rosettes.

      8. Cut crown molding that will wrap around the top of the mantel.

      9. Use a piece of 1x6 as a shelf to rest on the crown molding. The shelf should overhang the front and sides of the crown for a decorative finish.

      10. Attach mantel to wall.

      11. Decorate and enjoy!

      NOTES: All pieces are nailed together using a pneumatic gun and glue (where applicable).