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      • 12' of 1x4 pine or MDF
      • 1 2x4
      • 2 baseballs
      • 5 novelty baseball bats
      • Glue
      • Screws

      How to Build a Floating Shelf

      Floating Shelf

      Andre visited the Craftsman Experience in Chicago to help build a floating shelf to display all his sports memorabilia. Watch as Andre and Mike Woodman build this Cubs-themed rack.


      Date: March 16, 2011

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      1. Shelf can be any length. Listed below are the dimensions used on the one I built.

      2. Cut 3 pieces at 36" for your top, front and bottom.

      3. Cut 2 pieces for the small shelf at 6".

      4. Cut 1 piece for the top part of your small shelf at 12".

      5. Cut 2 side pieces at 2-3/4".

      6. Take your 3 36" pieces and attach them together, creating a box with an open back. Your top piece should rest on your front piece, and your front piece will rest on your bottom piece. This will create an opening of 3-1/2" which will go over your 2x4.

      7. Attach your 2 2-3/4" side pieces.

      8. Note: When attaching wood pieces, it never hurts to run a bead of glue along the edges before they are screwed or nailed together.

      9. Make your small top shelf by putting both 6" pieces upright and your 12" piece laying across the top of them. Attach this to the top left or right corner of the shelf.

      10. Screw your baseballs in from the inside of the side pieces on both sides of the box.

      11. Cut your novelty bats to desired length and pre-drill them so they won't split when you screw into them. Center them on the front of the box and screw them in from the back of the box.

      12. Using the spade bit, make 2 holes on the top of the box. Use some glue and wedge 2 bats in the holes.

      13. Cut 2x4 to 30" (this leaves some wiggle room for your bats that stick into the box).

      14. Attach the 2x4 to the wall and place your shelf over it. Secure it by screwing in from the top of your shelf into the 2x4.

      15. Paint shelf to desired teams colors. (Should be the Cubs' colors).