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  • A - 3/4" stock wood
  • B - Garden hooks
  • C - Washers
  • D - Eye hooks
  • E - Paint
  • F - Tongue oil
  • G - Painters tape

Guitar Rack

Guitar Rack

If you need storage for your guitars, check out this crafty build by Frank Fontana.


Date: December 7, 2011

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1. Trace out a guitar shape on the 3/4" wood.

2. Cut out using jigsaw.

3. Tape neck of guitar leaving exposed lines to make "frets".

4. Spray paint and remove tape.

5. Mount the eye hooks to the ends of the guitar on the side and the washers and screws for faux tuning elements.

6. Coat in tongue oil.

7. Pre-drill and install garden hooks for guitars to hang.

8. Mount to any wall (find studs to drill into).

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