Craftsman Experience Projects

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      • Table saw
      • Jig saw
      • Miter saw
      • Tape measure
      • Multi-tool (with sanding attachment)
      • Band saw or Scroll saw (optional)
      • Pocket hole jig

      • 1x6 (oak, cherry, pine, etc)
      • Paint or stain

      How to Build a Gun Rack

      Gun Rack

      The rack is a custom and versatile addition that can be easily mounted on a wall anywhere in your house.


      Date: March 1, 2011


      1. Make a template for the gun holders. Use MDF for the template as it is easier to cut and shape to the desired form.

      2. Cut 4 templates out of the 1x6 and set aside.

      3. Rip 2 pieces at 3 ¼" wide and cut to 25" in length.

      4. Use a compass and make a half circle from the middle of the ends of the boards to the outer edge of the boards, and cut out notches.

      5. Center the rack cutouts on each of the 25" pieces and glue and screw them in from the back (2 on each).

      6. After centering, move the racks on the right piece of wood up 1". This allows the gun to sit level, because the stock is thicker than the barrel.

      7. Rip a piece to 5 ½" wide and 20" long and place in between the two 25" pieces on top. Keep this piece flush with the bottom of the compass cutouts. Pocket hole screw in.

      8. Do the same for the bottom, but raise up this piece ¾" above the compass cutouts. Pocket hole screw in.

      9. Cut another piece at 5 ½" wide and 25" long and place on the underside of the bottom piece for a shelf. Screw in from the bottom.

      10. Sand all edges and rough spots.

      11. Hang guns and enjoy!