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      • ¼" plywood or luan
      • ¾" plywood
      • Screws

      How to Build a Halloween Bag Toss

      Halloween Bag Toss

      The pumpkins are actually attached with velcro, so you can swap them with other holiday themed objects. This is a great way to keep the kids busy at family parties.


      Date: March 9, 2011

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      1. Out of the ¾" plywood, cut a piece at 2'x4' for the face of the board.

      2. Cut out 3 holes vertically, evenly spaced and centered.

      3. Cut a piece of ¼" plywood for the back at 2'x4'.

      4. Cut out 2 holes on the bottom of the piece. Make sure a hand can fit through these holes as they will be used to retrieve the bags.

      5. For the two side pieces (out of ¾" plywood), a slight angle was put on them so the front of the board tips back slightly. To cut this, measure larger at the bottom, i.e. 12" for width, then, at 48" high, the width would drop to 5".

      6. Pre-drill and nail or screw all four sides together.

      7. Cut legs out of extra ¾" plywood and attach to the sides of the board.

      8. For the front face, cut a pattern out of ¼" luan, making sure the holes line up with the holes on the front of the board. The holes on this piece should be made slightly smaller to make covering easier.

      9. Grab the bags and starting having fun!