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  • 1x4 poplar, pine, oak, etc...
  • 1 ¾" decking screws

Indoor Firewood Storage Rack

How to Build an Indoor Firewood Storage Rack

Organize your firewood next to your fireplace so it's stacked and ready to burn. Presented appropriately enough by Mike Woodman.


Date: Feb 3, 2011


1. Make the base of the rack first by evenly spacing 4-5 boards (cut to desired length) face down. Back screw two (2) pieces of wood spaced evenly across the back to hold base the together.

2. Add a 1x4 on each side of this base to elevate the rack off the ground to the height of a 1x4. (3 ½) Flip base over and cut 2 pieces for the edges of the base on the sides. Screw these in, right in the middle of the base.

3. Cut four (4) uprights for the sides of the rack to prevent wood from spilling out (height is arbitrary). Screw the uprights into the pieces that are on the side of the base.

4. Cut 2 more matching pieces at the width of the rack to hold together the uprights at the top, keeping all the pieces flush.

5. Cut four (4) even pieces at approx. a quarter of the overall length of the rack and cut the end to 45º. These will attach to each of the uprights from the outside, and the bottom 45º will be back screwed from underneath the base. This creates an aesthetic "funnel" that keeps the wood in the middle of the rack.

6. Time to make a comfy fire!!!

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