Craftsman Experience Projects

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      • Table saw with dado blades
      • Tape measure
      • Miter saw
      • Multi-tool (with sanding attachment)
      • Router (with router table)
      • Brad nailer and compressor

      • 1x4 pine
      • 3/4" oak
      • Paint or stain
      • Wood putty
      • Clear silicon
      • Plexiglass or glass
      • hinges

      How to Build a Jersey Shadow Box

      Jersey Shadow Box

      Why pay hundreds of dollars for a shadow box? Watch the video and follow along with the plans to learn from Mike Woodman at the Craftsman Experience.


      Date: April 18, 2011

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      1. Rip down oak to 2 1/4" pieces.

      2. On the table saw, with the dado blade (dado blade should be approx. 1/4 high and 3/8" thick), run pcs. through, taking off the edge of one side to create a space to drop in the glass.

      3. On the reverse side of the dado cut, run this edge on the router table using a 1/4 round over bit to give the wood some character.

      4. Put 45 deg. angles on the ends of the oak and glue and nail together to create a picture frame for the desired size of box.

      5. Measure across the back of the frame from the inside edges of the dado cuts to find the correct glass size. (Then go 1/16" less than the measurement so there is some "wiggle" room for the glass).

      6. Lay a thin bead of clear silicon down on the dado cut and place glass in, secure using glass clips

      7. Cut 4 pcs of 1x4 pine to make a box that is the exact size of the frame (these pcs. do not have to be mitered).

      8. Paint or stain box and frame to desired taste.

      9. Attach picture frame to box using hinges.

      10. Place jersey inside!