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      • 28 2" x 6" x 8' clear redwood boards
      • 4 2" x 4" x 8' clear redwood boards
      • 2", 2 ½", 3", 4" screws
      • 3" lag screws
      • 5" bolts (with washers)
      How to Build a Kegnic Table

      There's nothing like cold beer right from the tap. And when you build your own kegnic table, you can enjoy it without getting up. The built-in keg platform makes it not simply a picnic, but actually a "kegnic" table.


      Date: Sept 17, 2010


      Part 1: Top Assembly

      1. Measure and cut boards for the top assembly.

      Measure and cut nine (9) 2" x 6" x 49 ½" and two (2) 2" x 4" x 49 ½" boards.

      2. Lay out top assembly square pattern.

      Lay the nine (9) 2" x 6" boards in a square pattern with the smooth side down on a smooth flat, clean area. Use a drop cloth, if necessary.

      3. Lay out and secure top assembly.

      Lay the two (2) 2" x 4" boards across the nine (9) 2" x 6" boards with the insides of the 2" x 4"s 17-1/2" apart. Make sure the board layout is square at 49 ½" x 49 ½". Evenly space the 2" x 6"s under the 2" x 4"s when the layout is square. Screw each of the 2" x 6"s to the 2" x 4"s with 2 ½" screws. Evenly space two (2) screws per board.

      4. Mark the center of the assembly.

      Flip over the top assembly so that the 2" x 4"s are on the bottom. Rest the assembly on a few 2" x 6s" or 2" x 4"s so that it's raised an inch or so. Measure from both edges to find the exact center square. As the full top assembly is 49 ½" square, the center should be 24 ¾" from each edge. Mark the exact center with a pencil and start a screw in about ¼" inch in dead center. Tie a length of string to the screw and stretch it to the edge of the square. Tie the end to a pen or pencil that you hold straight up. Keep the string taut and trace around to make a perfect circle. The pencil or pen mark should touch the edges at each side so you can check for roundness.

      5. Cut out the top assembly circle.

      Cut out the circle you marked with a jigsaw. Make sure not to cut through a screw previously attached to the 2" x 4"s. Moving a screw location may be necessary.

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