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      • 28 2" x 6" x 8' clear redwood boards
      • 4 2" x 4" x 8' clear redwood boards
      • 2", 2 ½", 3", 4" screws
      • 3" Lag screws
      • 5" bolts (with washers)
      How to Build a Kegnic Table

      There's nothing like cold beer right from the tap. And when you build your own kegnic table, you can enjoy it without getting up. The built-in keg platform makes it not simply a picnic, but actually a "kegnic" table.


      Date: Sept 17, 2010


      Part 2: Leg Frame Assembly

      1. Measure and cut boards for the leg frame assembly.

      Measure and cut four (4) 2" x 6" x 70 ¾" and four (4) 2" x 4" x 10 ½" boards. Make 66-degree cuts at each end of the boards.

      2. Cut two blocks.

      Cut two (2) 4 ½" x 2 ¾" blocks from a 2" x 6".

      3. Notch boards.

      Cut a 4 ½" wide by 2 ¾" deep notch in the center of each of the four (4) 2" x 6" x 70 ¾" boards. Two notches are made to the long side and two notches are made to the shorter side.

      4. Assemble pieces.

      Attach one side of the notch of the 2" x 6" x 70 ¾" board at the bottom-blocking. Use 2" screws to attach two (2) 2" x 4"s x 10 ½" boards flush with the top edge and with the cut end of the long board at each end. Use three evenly spaced screws. Attach the 4 ½" x 2 ¾" center block above the center notch so that it is flush with the top and evenly over the notch, using two (2) 4" screws evenly spaced.

      5. Additional piece assembly.

      Attach the block and notch as described in Step 4 but so that they are opposite each other and can glide over one another.

      6. Attach sides and slide together the "X" shape frame.

      Put together the two like sides. Screw through the side that does not have blocking into the side that does with one (1) 3" screw at each block. Slide the completed pieces together, forming the "X" shape frame. All 66 degree angles should be in the same direction.

      7. Cut and notch boards.

      Cut four (4) 2" x 6" x 28 ¾" boards with a 66-degree angle cut in the same direction at each end. Cut a notch at the top of two (2) of these boards 2" by 1 ½".

      8. Assemble and secure boards.

      Slide the two notched boards through the center opening between the two "X" frame boards so that they are opposite each other. Tap lightly with a hammer, if needed, without damaging the wood. Repeat the process with the two (2) 2" x 6" x 28 ¾" boards. Position the boards to match up and be flush with the angled blocking.

      9. Set the "X" frame level.

      With all four legs in place, use a tape measure and raise or lower the "X" frame at each of the four legs to level. You should have 12 3/8" from the top of the "X" frame to the top of each leg.

      10. Drill and bolt "X" frame.

      When all the legs are at the same position, use a ¼" drill bit that is at least 5" long and drill through the "X" frame to the other side. Make one high and one low evenly spaced drill hole. Put one 5" bolt with a washer through one side and a washer and a nut other side of each hole.

      11. Cut boards

      Cut four (4) 2" x 6" x 21" boards.

      12. Attach boards to legs.

      Attach one 2" x 6" x 21" board to each leg under the "X" frame 5 ¾" from the bottom. Use two (2) 3" lag screws, one high and one low. Use ¼" drill bit to make two drill holes into the board and legs. Center the boards. Use washers and lag screws to tighten the boards to the legs.

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