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      How to Build a Kids Bench

      Kids Bench

      HGTV Spice Up My Kitchen's Jeff Devlin shows how to spice up your dining room by building your own bench.


      Date: March 9, 2011

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      1. Start by cutting all parts to length.

      2. Cut 1x12 at 24" long.

      3. Cut legs at 9 wide x 10" long.

      4. Cut supports at 22 long x 2 5/8" wide.

      5. Set table saw fence to width of supports (Note: Be sure to measure to outside of blade).

      6. Raise blade to ¾".

      7. Push material against fence and miter gauge, cut piece. Repeat 3 more times on others using a flipping piece.

      8. Raise badge to 2 5/8". Hold piece on end supported by the miter gauge and clamp. Run through the saw.

      9. Rotate and cut the other side.

      10. The notches are now all cut.

      11. Cut a 45 degree angle on all support sides.

      12. With a 3/8" Forstner bit, drill 2 holes 2 ¼" in from the end and 5/8" down from the top and bottom. (Note: Do not drill all the way through; this is only to sink the head of the screw.)

      13. Assemble sides and supports with 1 ¼" wood screws.

      14. Cut (8) 3/8" plugs to fit in holes.

      15. Glue and flush cut. Sand smooth.

      16. Route edges of top with ¼ Roundover bit (both sides).

      17. Screw top to base and you're done!!