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      Ladder Golf, also known as Bolo Toss, Blongoball and many other names, is a great addition to your backyard game collection. And it takes just a little woodworking skill to build and hours of laid-back fun to master.


      Date: Sept 17, 2010


      1. Measure and cut ladder uprights and feet.

      From your smooth pine boards, measure then cut 4 uprights (40" L x ¾" W x 3 ½" H) and 4 feet (36" L x ¾" W x 3 ½" H).

      2. Lay out uprights and feet to mark and drill rung and feet locations.

      Lay out your uprights to mark and drill your three holes for your rungs: 2", 14" and 26" from the top of the each upright. Drill three holes at the bottom center of the boards for the feet's machine bolts.

      3. Cut rungs to length.

      From the dowels, cut 6 rungs 24" L each.

      4. Assemble sides and rungs.

      Using clamps and glue, insert and secure the rungs in the pre-drilled rung holes.

      5. Assemble and secure feet.

      Secure uprights to feet with machine bolts, washers and wing nuts in the pre-drilled holes.

      6. Make your bolos.

      Cut ropes into 20" sections. Tie ½" knot at the end of each rope section. Drill ½" knot hole half way through 1 golf ball and ¼" or 516" the rest of the way through the ball so rope easily slips though. Tie knot at the opposite of the rope section after threading rope through ball.