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      • 1 4' x 8' x ½" sheet of plywood (AC)
      • 1 4' x 8' x ¼" sheet of plywood (AC)
      • 6 2" x 4" x 8' boards
      • 1 ¾", 2 ½" screws
      • 1" brad nails (optional)
      How to Build a Lemonade Stand

      Relieve childhood memories or make some with your kids by building your very own lemonade stand. It's a great project to teach both valuable woodworking and entrepreneurial skills.


      Date: Oct 15, 2010


      1. Rip and cut frame pieces.

      Rip four (4) 2x4 boards to 1 ½" x 1 ½" for your stand's four (4) upright pieces. Then, cut two (2) front pieces at 72" and 2 back pieces at 75".

      2. Measure and cut the bottom of the frame.

      Measure and cut four (4) 2x4s at 21" and five (5) at 44 ½". You'll use three (3) 44 ½" boards for the bottom frame. Another one you"ll use for underneath the roof.

      3. Assemble a box and attach the back side uprights.

      Lay two (2) 21" 2x4s on the ground on their edges as well as one (1) 44 ½" board. Place the two (2) 72" boards upright in the corner of these boards, screwing them in with 2 ½" screws, to create a box. Connect the two (2) 75" uprights to the side of the 21" 2x4s, keeping them flush with the backside.

      4. Assemble the frame around the table rest.

      Using two (2) additional 21" 2x4s and two (2) additional 44 ½" 2x4s, measure up from the ground and mark a line on all four uprights at the 30". Run the 2x4s the same way at the bottom with the top of the board at 30" mark. Be sure to include a board for the backside. This is where your table will rest on. The bottom frame does not include a back 2x4.

      5. Measure and cut the table.

      Use the ½" plywood to cut the table. You need to cut out notches for the 2x4 uprights and slide the plywood over and down the 1 ½" uprights onto your 2x4 braces. Counter screw these boards with 1 ¾" screws.

      6. Finish the frame.

      Wrap the front and side of the stand using ¼" plywood. Nail or screw the plywood in with 1 ¾" screws.

      7. Assemble the roof brace.

      Run a 41 ½" board flush to the top of the 75" uprights. Run the ripped 2x4 flush at the front to create the roof brace.

      8. Assemble the roof sides.

      For the sides of the roof, cut two (2) pieces of ½" plywood at 5 ¾" in the back and 2 ¾" at the front. (This piece will look like a triangle and run on both outside edges of the uprights, flush with the tops on an angle pointing downward.) Screw in using 1 ¾" screws or nails if you're using a nail gun.

      9. Measure and cut the top of the roof.

      Cut the top piece out of the ¼" plywood, leaving ½" overhang on the sides and the front of the 2x4. Make sure that it's flush with the back of the uprights. Screw in using 1 ¾" screws or nails if using a nail gun.

      10. Cut and secure the top of the frame.

      Cut a piece of ½" plywood 45" in width and 24 ½" in length. The plywood should overlap three (3) sides of the roof frame by a quarter inch. Use 1 ¾" screws to secure it to the top of the frame.

      11. Measure, cut and secure the back of the roof.

      Cut a piece of ½" for the back of your stand that is 14" x 49". Screw them in using 1 ¾" screws. Keep the bottom of the plywood flush with the plywood on the sides.

      12. Create the valence.

      Cut a piece of 5" x 50" plywood. Start at one end of the board and measure 5" over and 2" down and make a mark. Repeat this every 5 inches on the cut plywood. Set a compass to 2" and place the pivot point on your pencil mark and a make a full swoop to the next pencil mark. Repeat this process on every 5" mark. Cut out your half circle swoops with a jigsaw.

      12. Finish the stand.

      Use 100 – 120 grit sandpaper or an orbital sander to sand down all surfaces and edges. Paint to taste. Then, head to the kitchen and stir up your first batch of lemonade.