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      • Electric drill
      • Paddle bit/forstner bit
      • Floor jack
      • Miter saw/Circular saw

      • Lag bolts
      • Carriage bolts
      • 1/4" metal rod
      • 1 2x4 cedar logs (milled trunk for bench, feet and back rest)

      How to Build a Lincoln Log Bench

      Lincoln Log Bench

      Build this bench, made entirely from logs for added seating and comfort.


      Date: May 5, 2011

      Full Video | Short Video


      1. Decide on the approximate length and height of the log bench.

      2. Have a log milled to the desired thickness and length for the bench seat.

      3. Have 2 smaller logs milled to act as the "feet" or rest for the bench.

      4. Pre-drill 2 holes (on each of the "feet") and insert half the threaded rod in.

      5. Line up the 2 holes to the BOTTOM of the bench and drill 2 more holes into the bottom.

      6. Using the floor jack, lift up the bench and insert it over the threaded rods, securing the bench to the feet.

      7. Cut the 2x4 into 2 even pieces, center on the back side of each of the feet and lag bolt in vertically.

      8. Pre-drill through the 2x4 pieces and attach the back rest of the bench, securing this piece to the 2x4's with carriage bolts.

      9. Screw a lag bolt into the very bottom of the 2x4 into the feet and one at the very top part of the feet.

      10. Sit back, relax and enjoy!