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  • 6’ 1x6 pine
  • 3’ 1x10 pine
  • Wood glue
  • Paint
  • Stain
  • Plug-in candle for inside house. (DO NOT USE A REAL WAX CANDLE)

How to a Luminary House

Luminary House

See how to make a quaint little luminary house as present that will brighten up anybody's holidays.


Date: Feb 22, 2011


1. Cut all pieces to length.

2. (2) 1x6 pieces cut to 16" long.

3. (2) 1x10 pieces cut to 13" long.

4. Cut a 45 degree angle on the 1x6 pieces. This creates the peak of the house.

5. Cut the windows and door opening on 1 piece of the 1x10.

6. Drill holes with ½" drill bit to allow jigsaw to make cuts in the openings by following your lines. Then clean up your cuts with sandpaper or a file.

7. Nail sides to front pieces, creating a box.

8. Bevel your table saw blade to 45 degrees and run the 1x6 through.

9. Cut 2 pieces at 12".

10. Glue and nail the bevels of the 1x6 together.

11. Nail the assembly to the house frame.

12. Paint or stain.

13. Add electric/plug-in candle inside the house and you're ready to display your luminary.

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