Craftsman Experience Projects

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      • 1 4" x 8" x ¾" plywood sheet
      • 1 4" x 8" x ¼" luan plywood or masonite sheet
      • 6 2" x 6" x 8" boards
      • 2 8" angle iron pieces
      • 2", 3", 3 ½" screws or nails

      Building your own manual pad isn't that difficult, even if you're just an intermediate woodworker. Nailing all the tricks and moves you can make with a "manny pad" is not quite as easy.


      Date: Oct. 1, 2010


      1. Measure, cut and assemble the deck.

      Measure and cut nine (9) 2x6 pieces to a length of 45". Lay out two (2) additional 2x6 boards lengthwise. Starting at one end, secure the nine (9) 45" pieces with three (3) 3" screws or nails on each lengthwise 2x6. Space the 7 interior boards 12" apart. This creates a box 4" wide by 8" long.

      2. Secure plywood to the deck.

      Use 2" screws or nails to secure a sheet of ½" or ¾" 4" x 8" plywood to the assembled deck. Space the screws or nails evenly at 12" around the perimeter. When driving lengthwise, be sure that nails or screws drive through the plywood and 2x6 pieces.

      3. Attach the luan plywood or masonite sheet.

      Cut your luan or Masonite sheet to 44" wide. Secure the luan plywood or masonite sheet to the already secured plywood with 3" screws or nails evenly spaced around the perimeter every 14". Make sure to center the luan plywood or masonite, leaving 2" on each side to make room for the angle irons.

      4. Drill holes in the angle pieces and secure them to the deck.

      Use a 3/16" drill bit to drill holes 15" apart on the top and side of both your angle iron pieces. Countersink 2 – 2 ½" screws through the drill holes the length of both sides of the deck. Paint your angle iron pieces with high gloss spray paint to ensure a smooth surface.