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      • PVC (2")
      • Various couplings, T connector's and 90-degree elbow fittings

      How to Build a Medicine Ball Rack

      Medicine Ball Rack

      Mike Woodman from the Craftsman Experience and Carla Coelho from Flirty Girl Fitness show everyone how to build a custom PVC rack for medicine ball storage. All built as part of the home gym series for less than $100 dollars.


      Date: March 9, 2011

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      1. Cut 2 pieces of 2" PVC to desired length.

      2. Use T-connectors at the 4 ends of the PVC.

      3. Cut 2 pieces that will dictate the width of the rack and will go into the side of the T-connector. One side faces down, one toward the other connector and one up toward the ceiling.

      4. Run a 90-degree elbow out of the top of the T-connectors, facing toward each other.

      5. To connect the elbows, cut another piece of PVC matching the length of the bottom piece to keep the width even. This prevents the balls from rolling off the side of the rack.

      6. To add height to the rack, simply add lengths of PVC to the bottom of the 4 T- connectors.

      7. Pre-drill connecting pieces and use screws to secure everything together.

      NOTES: PVC primer and glue can be used to hold the pieces together. However, the rack will not come apart after this, which is why pre-drilling and using screws is recommended.