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      • Maple plywood ¾" and ¼"
      • Edge banding (veneer)

      How to Build a Mudroom Locker

      Mudroom Locker

      Neal Sher of Woodsmyths of Chicago visits the Craftsman Experience to show everyone how to make a mudroom locker. Store your outdoor gear, including jackets, gloves, and other outdoor gear, in this DIY project.


      Date: March 1, 2011

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      1. Decide the width and height of the locker and cut the two side pieces out of ¾" plywood.

      2. Taking a router, decide where the shelves will be and cut out slots for the sides of the shelves. The bottom shelf should start at about 2" from the floor.

      3. Cut 2 decorative plates for the bottom and top of the locker. One will cover the gap to the floor underneath the bottom shelf, and the other will run below the top piece of the locker.

      4. Cut 3 shelves out to fit inside. Use the table saw to put a tongue on the two sides of the shelf that will fit in the router groove.

      5. Assemble shelves to the side of the locker by sliding the tongue in the grooves and using wood glue.

      6. Use a pocket hot jig to attach the shelves with screws.

      7. Cut a back for the locker out of the ½" plywood. Screw into the edges of the side pieces.

      8. Cut a top for the locker, slightly larger than the length and width for a decorative overhang. Screw in from the top.

      9. Sand as necessary.

      10. Veneer any exposed plywood edges, using the iron to melt the adhesive.