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  • 5 4x4's @ 8' of pressure treated lumber (PT/Green lumber)
  • 1 2x6 @ 6' PT
  • 3" screws (galvanized)
  • Lag bolts

Outdoor Firewood Storage Rack

How to Build an Outdoor Firewood Storage Rack

The last thing you want to put inside your house and into the fireplace is rotten, moldy firewood. Having an outdoor firewood rack is not only a neat way to stack firewood, but it's also a good way of keeping the wood dry. The rack can be used to store a large quantity of firewood for the winter.


Date: Feb 4, 2011


1. Lay two (2) 8' 4x4's parallel on the ground, spaced 18"-24" apart.

2. Cut 2 spacers out of the 4x4's to the desired length and inset them 3 in from the sides in between the parallel 4x4's. Screw and lag bolt together.

3. On the outside of the spacers, cut a 4x4 in half for each side and use lag bolts and screws to secure in for the uprights.

4. Cut 2 spacers out of 4x4 to fit in between the top of the uprights. Screw and lag bolt together.

5. For the kindling holder in the middle, cut 4 4x4's at desired height (16"-20") and screw and lag bolt them to the inside of the parallel 4x4's as the uprights.

6. Cut 2 spacers for the top of the uprights to secure uprights the "width" way.

7. Rip a 2x6 in half and run this along both length sides of the top of the kindling holder, creating a box. Screw in.

8. Start stacking wood for the winter!

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