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  • 4x6 pine
  • 2x6 pine
  • 2" galvanized pipe
  • Lag bolts
  • Through bolts, washers and nuts

Pull Up Rack

Pull Up Rack

In another part of the Homemade Home Gym series, Mike Woodman stretches his muscles to make a pull-up bar for your home gym.


Date: Feb 4, 2011

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1. Cut 4 posts using the 4x6 pine at 84".

2. Use the Forstner bit to drill holes in 2 of the 4x6 for the pull up bar. Drill through the wider 6" side.

3. For the lower bars, drill into the 4" side of all 4 posts at about 30" high. These holes will not go all the way through. They will only go in about one inch.

4. Place bars in the holes creating the width of the setup.

5. Cut 2 2x6 to the desired length of setup. 1 to connect the back 2 4x6 across the top and 1 for the bottom.

6. Use through bolts to attach these.

7. Cut 8 pieces of 2x6 for the inside and out supports for the width side of the setup. 2 for the top and 2 for the bottom per side. Use through bolts.

8. Come back and reinforce the setup with lag bolts by securing all 2x6 tightly to the 4x6.

9. Time to get ripped!

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