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  • Assorted ribbons
  • 5’ 1x6 pine or poplar
  • 2’ ¾” wooden dowel
  • Handle for the top
  • Glue

Ribbon Holder

Ribbon Holder

Wrapping a present can be a bigger project than making one from scratch. It's even harder when all your material is scattered and tangled up. Luckily Jeff Devlin of A&E's Drill Team came up with a simple ribbon holder to make wrapping easier.


Date: Feb 22, 2011


1. Cut all pieces to size first.

2. Cut two pieces at 3 ½" x 8" for the ribbon holder sides.

3. Cut a 3 ½" x 7" piece for the sub-bottom.

4. Cut two 4 ½ x 9 ½" pieces for the top and bottom.

5. Clamp 2 "side" pieces together and drill 2 holes through both pieces. Note: Space these holes so that the ribbons you chose are centered and even.

6. Next, lay the 3 ½" x 7" piece on the bench and glue and nail sides to ends.

7. Next, route all sides of one of the 4 ½" x 9 ½" pieces with a router equipped with a ¼" Roundover bit.

8. For the other 4 ½" x 9 ½", only route one surface. This piece will be the base.

9. Nail base to pre-assembled sides.

10. Attach top with wood screws and add handle.

11. Slide two ¾" dowels through one side of the hole and place your ribbons on the dowel before sliding it into the next hole.

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