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  • 8’1x4 pine or poplar
  • 4’ 1x6 pine or poplar
  • Wood glue
  • Handles
  • #20 Biscuits
  • 1 1/6 “ Wood screws
  • 3/8 Dowels or plugs

Serving Tray

Serving Tray

Jeff Devlin of A&E's TV show Drill Team shows us how to make the perfect tray for a holiday gift, appetizer serving tray, or cookie tray for Santa.


Date: Feb 25, 2011

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1. Start by joining 2 sections of the 1x6. This will be the base.

2. Use the biscuit jointer to cut holes. Space evenly throughout the boards. Note: Do not put biscuit holes too close to the edge, because it will be trimmed later.

3. Apply glue to holes, biscuits, and edges.

4. Clamp boards and allow to dry.

5. Next, on to the sides.

6. Set miter angler on saw to 18.9 degrees to the right.

7. Then set compound bevel to 6.7 degrees, pushing the saw top to the right.

8. Put your 1x4 on the miter saw table, label it as outside and make your cut.

9. Now the tricky part. Rotate the piece along the short side or flip it so that now you would be looking at the inside of the piece.

10. Your cutoff will be to the left of the blade.

11. Cut piece will be 16" for the long sides. Repeat this process again, creating 2 sides.

12. Cut 2 more sides at 10" using the same process.

13. Next, take all 4 sides and put a 20 degree bevel on the table saw cut.

14. Rotate piece. The bevel should be on both sides of the piece, creating parallel bevels.

15. Next, assemble the sides with glue and screws.

16. Use a 3/8" Forstner bit to drill small pockets to sink the heads of the screws.

17. Use a dowel or plug and glue into place.

18. Flush cut the excess of the dowel and sand. We will now move on to the base.

19. Sand the base and trim the sides to match our assembled sides.

20. We used a reveal around the base, but that could be up to you, especially if you were off slightly with some of the measurements.

21. Screw base to sides and add handles. You are now set to go with your serving tray.

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