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How to Build a Toy Box

Toy Box

Karl Champley of Wasted Space demonstrates how to easily organize the playroom with a DIY toy chest. See how to make one yourself and thank us for the added space later.


Date: March 1, 2011

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1. Dimensions may vary on the desired size. The ones below are the dimensions I used.

2. Cut 3 pieces of plywood at 17" wide by 48" long each. This is for your bottom piece, front piece and back.

3. Cut one piece at 18" wide by 48." This is for your top. The extra 1" will hang over the front as a lip, so you can lift open the top once it hinged.

4. Cut your 2 side pieces at 16" by 16".

5. Place your bottom piece on your workspace and screw or nail in the front and back pieces to the edge of the bottom piece.

6. Insert your side pieces and screw or nail these creating an open box.

7. Place your top piece on the box and use your hinge to attach it to the back piece. Remember, the long end should hang over the front of your box.

8. Attach your drawer pulls on the center of the 2 side 16" pieces.

9. Attach the casters on the corners of the bottom of your box.

10. Fill any nail or screw holes with filler and sand.

11. Sand any sharp edges or splinters down.

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