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      • (2) 32" pieces of 1x8 poplar or pine wood
      • (2) 45" pieces of 1x8
      • 1 sheet of 4x8 plywood
      • 1 ¼" screws
      • 12" ball bearing slides
      • Small Knob
      • 14' 1x6 poplar or pine wood

      How to Build a Train Table

      Train Table

      It was intended to be the perfect place for the kids to build their holiday train set. But as we built it, we realized it could be a coffee table or anything else for that matter. Whatever you want to use it for, Jeff Devlin shows you how to make it.


      Date: March 9, 2011

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      1. Start by cutting the legs. Cut 1x6 into 4 18" long pieces.

      2. Set table saw rip fence to 3".

      3. Rip all 4 pieces through table saw.

      4. You will now have 8 pieces when complete: 4 pieces at 3" and 4 pieces at 2 ¼".

      5. To taper the legs, measure down from the top of leg to 7 and make a mark. Measure from the bottom of the leg and mark at 2". Draw a line connecting the marks; this is your taper.

      6. Cut with a jig saw or table saw.

      7. Glue and nail legs together with 1 ¼" 18 gauge nails. Make sure to nail 3" to 2 2/4" pieces of wood.

      8. Next, take the legs. Nail and screw a 32" long piece of 1x8 to the legs.

      9. Create 2 identical sides.

      10. Cut out for the drawer, measure 1 down from the top and bottom and mark, creating a rectangle cutout opening with the jigsaw.

      11. Nail, screw, and glue 45" pieces to the inside of the leg assembly.

      12. Cut strips of plywood to 7 ¼" wide by 30 long. Be careful on this. If your measurements are off slightly before this, you can adjust this measurement.

      13. These supports get nailed flush with the sides of your drawer opening.

      14. Next, rip 3" wide pieces of plywood and cut 2 at 18" and 2 at 12".

      15. Cut dado joint in the bottom of all drawers 3/8" deep.

      16. Cut drawer bottom at 11 3/8" x 19 1/8".

      17. Assemble with glue and nail.

      18. Attach drawer slides to base and drawer.

      ***Note*** Follow instructions for drawer slide install. Also note, we are using thick drawer slides. If your slides are different, adjustments need to be made to the drawer width to accommodate thickness.

      19. Cut 1x6 at 22" long, round over edges with router and ¼" round-over bit.

      20. Attach with nails and screws to drawer and make sure to center.

      21. Cut plywood top at 48" (width of plywood) and 33 .

      22. Rip down 1x material to 1 ¼" wide. Round over edges with a router.

      23. Attach to plywood, flush to bottom edge.

      24. Miter corners and nail into place.

      25. Attach top with screws to base and enjoy.