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      Depending on the extent of your ultimate porch swing, some tools and materials may vary. The essentials are:

      These will vary as well. I used

      • 2 reclining chairs
      • 2 4x4's at 8 feet.
      • Various U clamps
      • Eye hooks
      • Carabiners
      • Chain (800lb rated)
      • Screws
      • Lumber for storage boxes (I used 1x6 pine)

      How to Build an Ultimate Porch Swing

      Ultimate Porch Swing

      When designing the ultimate outdoor lounge, the possibilities are endless. That's why we went to our fans for this one. If a reclinable throne of music and creature comfort is music to your ears, sit back, relax, and let Mike Woodman show how he built the ultimate porch swing.


      Date: March 1, 2011


      1. Screw eyehooks into the ends of the 4x4's. (These will be used to attach the chain to.)

      2. Space your 4x4's evenly apart on the ground to set chairs on.

      3. Secure chairs using industrial bolts, lags, clamps, or large screws. (I used U clamps that went over the underside parts of the chair and around the 4x4's.)

      4. Where I could, I also used long screws through some of the wooden frames of the chairs into the 4x4's.

      5. Attach eye hooks to a secure beam or joist to hang your swing from.

      6. Attach chain from the top eyehook with a carabiner and through the eyehooks on the side of the 4x4's. Secure the chain to these eyehooks with carabiners. Then back up the chain to create a triangle, again securing with a carabiner. Porch should swing from 12"-20" off the ground.

      7. In between the chairs and at all the ends of them, I built 4 boxes out of pine. You can customize the sizes of the boxes based on the chair height and size.

      8. I used a hole saw to drill for the cup holders on the top of the boxes, then screwed a small board underneath as its base, so the cup has something to rest on. I used butterfly hinges on the back so the boxes can open and close easily.

      9. Speakers were mounted on the two end boxes and screwed to the top. In front of each speaker, a small hole was drilled and a paint can opener was stuck in it to serve as a cheap and efficient bottle opener.