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  • 1x3 pine
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Wood Rack

Wooden Shelving Unit

Neal Sher of Woodsmyths of Chicago visits the Craftsman Experience to show everyone how to make a shelving unit for the basement, garage, or any other room in your house.


Date: Feb 22, 2011


1. Cut four (4) uprights out of the 1x4 to determined height.

2. Make a 1 ¼" dado cut in the middle of the all the 1x4's down the full length.

3. Cut blocks just slightly under 1 ¼" for the supports underneath for the edges of your shelves. These will fit into the dado joints. These blocks will create the width of the shelf and can be ripped down from the 2x4's.

4. Cut your shelf tops out of 1x3. Space shelving tops evenly to fit to create a width and length that fit in between the four uprights and pre-drill and screw them in to the 1 ¼" blocks. Dimensions will vary based on your shelf width and length.

5. Cut a 1x3 to the width of the shelves and back screw into the middle of the underside of the shelves for extra support.

6. Pre-drill and screw shelves into the uprights at determined heights.

7. Sand down any rough spots.

8. Store those extra items! NOTES: Cut the dado first and fit your standard blocks to fit the dado cut! Always pre-drill before screwing.

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