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  • ½" plywood
  • 1” diameter dowel rod

Tool Box

Wood Tool Box

Whether you're running out of room in your toolbox, or you know someone that can use one, this wooden toolbox is nice for tool storage and makes a great gift.


Date: Feb 22, 2011


1. Use a table saw and cut the end, side, and bottom panels.

2. Use a table saw and cut 60-degree angles on the end panels. This creates the "A" frame house look.

3. Use a drill press with the forstner bit and drill the holes in the end panel for the dowel rod.

4. Cut the dowel rod to length.

5. Use the dado blade and cut ½" wide x ¼" deep rabbit joints on the bottom of the end panels.

6. Apply glue to assemble the panels and secure with the brad nailer.

7. Insert dowel rod and nail in.

8. Sand any rough spots.

9. Put your tools in and get to work.

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