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  • 3/4" or 1/2" A/B plywood
  • Stain or paint

Wooden Battle Axe

How to Build a Wooden Battle Axe

If the wooden sword is a little too refined for the warrior inside of you, maybe the battle-axe is a better weapon of choice. Mike Woodman takes you through the process of creating the next wooden weapon for your medieval arsenal.


Date: Feb 4, 2011


1. Using the template, trace out the axe on a piece of plywood. (1/2" plywood is fine for smaller models but use 3/4" for larger weapons)

2. Run both of the long sides of the axe through the table saw.

3. Use a hole saw to "punch" out the rounded corners of the axe. This will create a curved look and is done on the top and bottom of each side of the blade.

4. Take a jigsaw to cut out the curved blade edges and whatever the hole saw missed.

5. Sand down edges and any rough spots.

6. Stain or paint as desired.

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