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      • 3/4" birch ply
      • 1x4" select pine
      • Quarter round molding
      • Cove trim
      • 4 casters
      • 3.5" deep bar nose (oak)
      • Prime and paint
      • TV monitor
      • 2 speakers and a sub woofer
      • Wood filler

      How to Build a WXrt GALApalooza Bar

      WXrt GALApalooza Bar

      This indoor/outdoor classic style bar can be wheeled wherever your party is. If you're putting it outside, make sure all your electronics are protected from the elements or they'll get trashed!


      Date: September 11, 2011

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      1. Measure all plywood sheets (bar measures at 76 long by 42 high by 22 deep).

      2. Take two sheets of plywood, measure out and cut bar tops 2 @ 76 x 22 wide. Glue and attach together with a pneumatic gun from the bottom.

      3. Cut your sheets of plywood for the back, the sides and the shelves.

      4. Glue and nail your front piece to the side pieces.

      5. Glue and nail your bottom piece to the assembled sides and front.

      6. Arrange and attach the shelves in the order that you like. Set a shelf in a position for when you hang the TV monitor on the front of the bar, the DVD player will sit on the shelf inside the bar right behind the TV. Arranging the shelf so the wires from the TV come in and hook directly up to the DVD player makes for easier hook up and installation.

      7. Cut a rail to go into the inside of the bar to help adhere the bar top. Glue and nail.

      8. Turn the bar on its front and attach the casters to the bottom.

      9. Attach the bar top using glue and screws.

      10. Cut plywood and select pine for a step on the bottom of the bar 4 deep x 4 tall make the step so it wraps around the bottom of the bar.

      11. Use the quarter round trim molding to create rounded front corners by attaching 3 pieces together, one on the front, one on the side and one in the middle.

      12. Use the 1 x 4 select pine to do the trim on all 3 sides, making identical sized rectangles.

      13. Cut and fit the cove trim into the inside of the rectangles.

      14. Attach the mounting bracket for the TV in the front and the middle of the middle rectangle.

      15. Cut spaces out of the front of the bar for the speakers

      16. Attach the bar nose for the bar top.

      17. Fill in all gaps with wood filler.

      18. Sand entire bar.

      19. Prime and paint the entire bar white.

      20. Attach the TV to the mounting bracket.

      21. Insert the speakers into the cutout slots.