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Craftsman Professional  15.6 volt Replacement Battery Charger

  Item#  00911037000 | Model#  11037

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Dimensions and Weight:
Item Weight (lbs.): 3.0 lbs.


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Product Description

Replacement charger for use with Sears item number 27135.

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Added on October 27, 2010


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Egg Harbor Township, NJ

Aug 31 , 2009
the 15.6 v charger is a big mistake

The batteries don't last and the charger breaks leaving the customer with a useless drill and flashlight.

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san antonio, texas

Jul 29 , 2009
15.6 volt charger

After a couple of years of good use,the charger stopped working,and to my surprise,the cost of the replacement is unbelievable.Now I am stuck with a useless drill,flashlight,and 2 batteries.

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, n.m

Jul 3 , 2009
15.6 drill

I also am looking for a charger. The drill and light are no good if I can't charge them. I tried to repair it. the charger has a soid state current limitor from china. It is glued in the windings of the transformer, too small to repair with my eyes! 15.6 volts is an odd voltage so I can't just go to radio shack and replace it also can't fint it on the net! stay away from this one.

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Waller, TX

May 26 , 2009
Sear Customer Service is the worst it's ever been...

Sear 15.6 cordless drill.. Batteries chargers are worst in the world!


Dear -------------------------,

Thank you for your recent correspondence regarding your experience with
our Houston, TX Hardware store.  We are always interested in hearing
from our customers, and regret it was this type of situation that
prompted you to contact us. We apologize for the poor customer service
you received.

We have forwarded your message to the Store Manager.  They will contact
you within two (2) business days.

Once again, thank  you for contacting us.

Jennifer W.,
National Customer Relations
Sears Holdings Corporation

Original Message Follows:
 Name: ---------------------|  Address: ------------------------|  City: -------------| 
State: TX |  Zip: 77484 |  Country:  |  Day Phone: -----------------|  Evening
Phone: ----------------------|  Email:   Comments: dedicated to providing our customers with a superior level of service.
Please see below for the ways in which we can assist you.>

That must be the biggest stretch of the truth I've ever heard. Below is
a copy of a letter I included in a box of tools I sent to you. It was
just returned to me. No one even opened the box.
26 March 2009

Sears National Customer Relations
3333 Beverly Road
Hoffman Estates, IL 60179

Dear Sir or Madam,

I am an aircraft mechanic and own a big tool box full Craftsman tools.
Some of these Craftsman tools are my fathers. There a long history of
being Craftsman tool fans here. I like being loyal to a brand but your
about to loose me forever!

A few days ago I walked into the Sears Tools store (8475 Highway 6 N,
Houston, TX 77095) trying to figure out what I could do with the drills,
chargers and batteries included in with this letter. Ie owned two of
your portable drills for a few years. The reason I own two is it was
cheaper to buy a new drill set then buy new batteries for the first one.
I don understand why you can make a battery that lasts. I wound up the
owner of two portable drills, two chargers and four batteries. When
these batteries stopped taking a charge I had to make a decision. Do I
buy two more batteries or give up on Craftsman drills and find another
brand? There nothing wrong with the drills it just the batteries. If I
changed to another brand then I have two drills and chargers that served
no purpose. Reluctantly I purchased two more batteries. When I attempted
to charge them I realized now one of the chargers had failed!

Frustrated I boxed this all up and went to the Sears Tools Store looking
for advice. I met with the manager, who would only tell me his name was
T.J. He told me if I really wanted a good drill to buy a Milwaukee or
DeWalt! Please read this carefully. Your ANAGERtold a diehard Craftsman
Tool customer that if I wanted a reliable portable drill to go buy

I was trying to find a way to justify spending more money to keep these
tools running but in a way I have to agree with your manager. Your tools
don last. About every six months I have to take my inch rachet in to be
exchanged. Ie gotten used to that but when I was advised to buy another
brand I was seriously disappointed. Your employees don even support your
products and worse they don care. I have to admit this got me very
frustrated and I tried very hard to be professional but when I
communicated my displeasure to the manager the lady at the register
turned to him and referring to me rudely said et him out of here!

So here are your drills, chargers and batteries. Unless you can find
resolution to this situation I can assure you I will never buy another
Craftsman tool again!



 At 2:06 this afternoon I answered a phone call from 281 859 1193. The
lady on the phone identified her as the "manager" of the Sears store I
referenced in my letter. That surprised me because I thought the "manager" was a
gentleman named "TJ".

This lady said she was calling about a complaint I had about some
batteries and wanted to ask me some questions. As she did it became apperant to me
she didn't have all the information. I told her I'd written a letter to
Sears and asked her if she'd read it. She said she did and continued to ask me

questions. Unfortunately the questions she was asking made me believe
she did not read my letter or had not read it well and I told her so. She
then said she didn't have the letter. So which is it? Did she read the letter
or not? I asked her if she wanted to hear the whole story. She hesitantly
said yes and asked a few more questions. Then I knew she had no idea what my
issue was all about and I suggested she get my letter and read it.
Unbelievably she very quickly said "Ok bye". and hung up.

I guess she figured she satisfied her requirement to contact me and that
was that.

I told you earlier this would not be resolved by passing it to store
management. I'm not looking for a resolution at the store management
level. This started out about the quality of your tools and has quickly
escalated to the quality of your customer service.

My letter was very detailed and I thought made it clear I was asking if
you would like to keep me as a customer and supporter of Craftsman tools or
not.  As a business owner myself, the choice is very obvious. I'm getting the
idea to you it's not.


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Georgetown, KY

May 5 , 2009
15.6 Craftsman cordless drill

Charger does not work after 2 years. Sears does not sell a replacement charger. Now, I have a drill, flashlight, and 2 useless batteries.

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, Unknown

Oct 2 , 2007
1 star

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Houston, Texas

Aug 30 , 2007
What Warranty..Life Time replacement or repair?

Bought my Craftsman cordless drill and charger which came with a flashlight in 2003. A year after I purchased it started giving me trouble. Sears store clerk said buy a new battery that maybe the battery was not accepting a charge. Well, I have since bought 2 more batteries and a even a new charger and still the new battery won't hold a charge. of course they say you need the original packaging and original receipt. Well the receipt faded and I lost the original packaging. Store says I can pay for repair or buy a new one. WOW that is a great warranty life time repair guarantee..So now what am I left with a real nice paper weight in the form of a drill and flashlight.

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Houston, Texas

Aug 21 , 2006
15.6 cordless system and charger

I ,too, am stuck with having to buy another charger for my cordless drill. Almost from day one, my charging system which came with my good "sale" priced drill kit, performed poorly. I even was stupid enough to buy an extra battery, and I now have three dead batteries and Sear's stores in Houston don't even carry this charger anymore. Why should I pay over fifty dollars with no good guarantee.("The assurance of the quality of or of the length of use to be expected from a product'). What to another product line than Craftsman?

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