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      Mach Series
      Mach Series
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      Craftsman hand tools are already legendary for strength, quality, and innovative features. But the all-new Craftsman MACH Series™ hand tools take that reputation to a whole new level. Built for speed and efficiency, MACH Series tools are turbocharged hand tools ready to speed though tough jobs around the house, under the hood, or on the jobsite.
      17-PC T-Handle Driver - Sliding Aluminum Collar turns fasteners quickly and continuously
      11-PC. Bit Driver Set - Offset Shaft & Smooth Spinning Handle for fast, continous rotation without needing to reposition your hand
      8-IN Adjustable Slide Wrench
      MACH Series 3/8-IN Drive Ratchet
      MACH Series 83-PC Tool Set
      MACH Series 10-PC. Wrench Set
      MACH Series 83-PC Ratcheting Tool Set
      MACH Series 83-PC Ratcheting Tool Set

      Instant MACH Series Toolset 

      Includes 3 of the most popular tools.

      MACH Series 3/8-IN Drive Ratchet with roto-flex head that rotates 270° for increased access and better maneuverability. 

      MACH Series 11-PC Bit Driver Set for fast, continuous rotation without needing to reposition your hand. 

      MACH Series 8-IN Adjustable Slide Wrench that is 5X faster to use than standard adjustable wrenches. Black Finish adds durability, looks sleek, and wipes clean easily. 

      Lifetime Hand Tool Warranty provides peace of mind