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      Zero Turn Riding Mowers


      42, 46, and 54-INCH Deck Options.

      With features like a zero-inch turning radiusand a top speed of 7 mph, these machines allow you to mow without compromise. Zero-Turn Riding Mowers are recommended for lawns 1 acre or larger, lawns with lots of trees and obstacles, and relatively flat terrain.


      Briggs & Stratton® Platinum Series Engine

      Briggs & Stratton® Platinum Series Engine

      The automotive-style lubrication system prolongs engine life by cooling critical parts under heavy loads

      Kohler® 7000 Elite

      Kohler® 7000 Elite Series™ Engine

      Our PRO Performance oil filter and dual-element air filter deliver maximum protection from dirt and debris, while the PRO Performance fuel filter and platinum spark plug give more reliable starting