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DieHard  Automotive Battery- Group Size 34 (Price with Exchange)

  Item#  02851334000 | Model#  51334

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Specifications & Dimensions

Group Size: 34
Height (in.): 7.8
Item Weight (lbs.): 38
Length (in.): 10.9
Power Ratings:
Cold Cranking Amps (CCA at 0 deg.F): 695
Reserve Capacity (RC): 115
Design & Construction:
Battery Design: Lead-Acid
Battery Grade: DieHard
Maintenance: Maintenance Free
Positive Terminal Side: Left
Temperate Zone: North
Terminal Post Location: Side
Warranties & Coverage:
Free Replacement Warranty Term: 18 months


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Product Description

DieHard Automotive Battery Size 34 Gives Your Vehicle Staying Power

The DieHard Battery 34 provides you with the longevity you've been looking for. A reliable battery that runs strong is ideal for you and your vehicle. This battery is long-lasting - making it a great fit for your car or truck, and even powers-up your larger vehicles, like the family van. You'll be ready to rev your engine thanks to this battery. The DieHard car battery brand gives you up to 695 CCA (cold cranking amps) of battery power and up to 115 minutes of RC (reserve capacity). Certain models also include added features, such as a carrying handle and flush manifold vented, tamper-resistant battery cover, and an optional height adapter to increase vehicle coverage and versatility.

Your DieHard Automotive Battery Size 34 is maintenance-free, lead-acid battery constructed and requires no periodic water additions under normal service conditions, giving you the ability to do something else with your free time. This battery offers you that needed longevity with construction features that are always reliable, including demineralized battery acid, thru-partition connectors, heat-sealed case/cover, full-frame calcium-lead alloy grids and remote flame-retardant safety vents. Be prepared to go anywhere at any time with such reliability. Included with your purchase is an 18-month free replacement. The DieHard car battery is ideal for whatever your climate might be, keeping your car running no matter what it's like outside.

  • Get long-lasting battery power with the DieHard Battery 34
  • Amp up your vehicle with 695 CCA (cold cranking amps)
  • 115 minutes RC (reserve capacity)
  • You'll feel secure with a 18-month free replacement limited warranty
  • This battery is ideal for whatever climate you might live in or drive through.

Added on October 06, 2013


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