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      DieHard  Gold Automotive Battery - Group Size 40R (Price with Exchange)

        Item#  02850940000 | Model#  50940

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      Specifications & Dimensions

      Group Size: 40R
      Height (in.): 6.9
      Item Weight (lbs.): 34.5
      Length (in.): 11
      Power Ratings:
      Cold Cranking Amps (CCA at 0 deg.F): 550
      Reserve Capacity (RC): 90
      Design & Construction:
      Battery Design: Lead-Acid
      Battery Grade: DieHard Gold
      Maintenance: Maintenance Free
      Positive Terminal Side: Right
      Temperate Zone: South
      Terminal Post Location: Top
      Warranties & Coverage:
      Free Replacement Warranty Term: 36 months


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      Product Description

      Get Problem-Free Car Starting All Summer With The DieHard Gold Group Size 35

      Hot weather poses special challenges for car batteries. Hot conditions can cause battery fluid to evaporate, reducing available charge and causing eventual component damage, while summer dust and dirt can clog the connections and reduce battery efficiency. To get your car ready for hot weather, install these DieHard size 35 Car Batteries for summer-long starting reliability. Combining advanced design technology with solid time-tested construction, these car batteries deliver optimized high-temperature performance and reliability that won't quit when the going gets rough.

      The 12-volt DieHard gold group size 35 is packed with longevity-enhancing features for hot weather driving. The tough casing is heat-sealed to aid in temperature control, while the closed design prevents excessive fluid evaporation keeps out dust and grit. Demineralized battery acid reduces residue build-up and preserves battery performance over time, and the calcium-lead alloy grids keep self-discharge wastage to a minimum. Install this hot-weather battery today and your car will be ready to tough out the summer months.

      • These DieHard size 35 Car Batteries are designed for long-lasting, reliable starting battery power in automotive passenger car, light truck and van applications with 12V car battery voltage
      • Proven reliable construction
      • Demineralized battery acid prevents efficiency-reducing mineral buildup
      • Sturdy through-partition connectors
      • Heat-sealed polypropylene case protects battery from heat, dust and impact
      • Full-frame calcium-lead alloy reduces charge leakage at rest
      • remote flame-retardant safety vents regulate waste heat
      • Group Size 40R
      • 550 CCA (cold cranking amps)
      • 90 minutes RC (reserve capacity)
      • 36-month free replacement limited warranty
      • Maintenance free automotive battery
      • Carrying handle
      • Flush manifold vented cover
      • Application code B-3
      • Meets OE requirements for many automotive passenger car and truck vehicle makes such as Ford, Mercury, Mazda and others

      Added on November 14, 2013


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