What is a Craftsman AssureLink garage door opener?

Our innovative new garage door opener with AssureLink™ connectivity that allows you to monitor and operate your garage door with your internet-enabled smartphone, computer, or tablet from anywhere you have an internet connection.

How does AssureLink work?

Craftsman AssureLink garage door openers come with an internet gateway module that you plug into your home router with an included Ethernet cable. The garage door opener has a transceiver radio that communicates with the gateway module via 900MHZ. The gateway then communicates with your smartphone/computer/tablet via the Ethernet cable / router / internet connection.

Why should I buy a Craftsman AssureLink garage door opener?

For the added convenience, security, and piece of mind of being able to use your smartphone, computer or tablet to check whether your garage door is closed. And then the ability to close it if necessary. No more worrying that you forgot to close your garage door. No more driving home or getting out of bed to check if you closed the door. Simply use your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. AssureLink also gives you a convenient way to OPEN your garage door for someone else when needed. For example, while you are away from home (vacation, at work, etc), you occasionally may need to provide a family member or friend with unplanned access to your home (via the garage door).

How much does the AssureLink app and connectivity service cost?

Connectivity service is completely free. The app can be downloaded at no cost from the App Store (for iPhone) or Google Play (Android).

Are AssureLink apps available?

Yes...apps are available for iPhone (Apple Store) and Android ( Android Market); A Blackberry app is not being offered, but mWeb is available for Blackberry devices and all other internet-enabled cell phones.

How much does a smartphone app cost?

iPhone and Android apps are available and free. Search for "Craftsman" at the Apple and Android app stores.

What types of cell phones can I use with AssureLink connectivity?

Any cell phone that has internet service. We generally say, "smartphone", which is an iPhone, Android, Blackberry, or simply any cell phone that is internet-enabled. Apps are available for iPhone and Android. mWeb is available for all other internet-enabled phones.

How do I set up my AssureLink Internet Gateway?

Connect the AssureLink Gateway to home router (Comcast, ATT, etc) via included 3 ft. Ethernet cable
- Connect power supply to Gateway
- Create an account on www.craftsman.com/assurelink
- Use any of the following devices to register:

  • Internet enabled phone
  • iPhone/Android smart phone
  • Computer (desktop, laptop, tablet)

- Follow the steps at login to learn & program system

How far from my garage can my gateway - Ethernet cable - router connection be?

Open field range is 1000 feet, though we cannot guarantee distance since each home environment is unique. The gateway uses a 900 MHZ spread spectrum frequency hopping radio that helps it pass thru obstructions such as walls in the home environment.

I have an extremely large house or my router is deep within my basement or my garage is a long distance from the house and the internet gateway is having difficulty operating my garage door operator. What should I do?

You can use a longer Ethernet cable (up to 100 ft) to position the internet gateway closer to your garage or closer to a window.

Can I use a longer or different Ethernet cable with the internet gateway?

Yes. You can use any 10BaseT CAT5 or better Ethernet cable. The internet gateway has been tested and is fully operational with Ethernet cables of up to 100 ft lengths. Longer cables may work (e.g. 300 ft), but not guaranteed.

Can I connect the internet gateway directly to my computer?

No. You must connect the internet gateway to a router and the router must have a continuously active internet connection (also known as broadband internet).

Do I have to have a router to use the internet gateway?

Yes. A router with an Ethernet port and a continuously active internet connection is required.

What types of routers work with the internet gateway?

Must it be a wireless (Wi-Fi) router? Every home router is known to work with the internet gateway.

Can I use the internet gateway with a dial-up internet connection?

No. The internet gateway requires a continuous internet connection, typically called broadband internet and requires a router active on the internet.

Can I use the internet gateway with a commercial internet or business internet connection or business LAN environment?

Yes. The internet gateway should work with nearly every commercial or business internet connection and LAN environment.

Can I change the LAN address of the internet gateway or modify any of the internet gateway LAN settings?

No, you can not change the LAN address (such as of the internet gateway. The LAN address is assigned by the router and does not need user involvement, however, typically resetting the gateway will cause the gateway to request a new ID from the router. All LAN and internet connection settings of the internet gateway are factory-set and can not be changed. There is no need to change any of the internet gateway's internal settings. If a LAN address conflict is suspected, you can force the internet gateway to obtain a new LAN address from the router by force a "soft" reset to the internet gateway. Using a thin tool, such as paper clip or a toothpick, simply press and release the internet gateway's reset button momentarily. The internet gateway's Green LED with turn off, blink slowly, and then come back on steady indicating a renewed LAN address and internet connection.

Will the internet gateway slow down my internet connection?

No. The internet gateway data transmission is very minimal and is only active when sending a message, such as when the door begins to open or receiving a command to turn on a light module. You will not experience any speed reduction to your internet connection.

Will my slow internet connection affect my internet gateway operation?

No. The internet gateway will not be affected by a slow internet connection. The internet gateway data transmission is very minimal and is only active when sending a message, such as when the door begins to open or receiving a command to turn on a light module.

Does the internet gateway use my home Wi-Fi signal or interfere with my home Wi-Fi.

No. AssureLink products transmit and receive on a different radio frequency band than your home Wi-Fi. The two will not interfere with one another.

How many devices can I control with my internet gateway?

The internet gateway can monitor and control up to 16 devices. AssureLink garage door openers are a "device." Future AssureLink devices are planned. Please visit craftsman.com for information as it becomes available.

Can I install the Gateway-Ethernet cable - Router connection outside?

No. The internet gateway is designed for indoor temperatures and an indoor environment. You need to locate the internet gateway within the house or within a heated/cooled building.

If my internet connection stops working, how do I control my garage door opener or light module?

If you've lost your internet connection, regardless of the cause, you will NOT be able to control your garage door opener via the AssureLink internet gateway. Provided your lost internet connection is NOT due to a power outage, you will still be able to operate your AssureLink garage door opener with your standard RF remote control transmitter(s), wall console, and external keypad, none of which are dependent on an internet connection.

How secure is AssureLink?

The AssureLink internet gateway is secure and uses internet-standard data encryption for data security. Only someone that knows both your User ID and password can access your account to control your garage door opener.

How secure is the wireless connection between the internet gateway and my garage door opener? Can someone nearby intercept the signal and open my garage door?

The wireless connection between the internet gateway and your garage door operator uses a highly-complex encryption scheme. Persons in the vicinity of your home will not be able to operate your garage door opener.

What do you do with my email address and with my house address?

Your name, user ID, password, email address, and house address is kept confidential by us and is only used to contact you concerning your AssureLink account.

I understand that AssureLink transmits at 900 MHz. I have other 900 MHz products within my home. Will they interfere with one another?

They should not interfere with one another. AssureLink products use frequency-hopping spread-spectrum technology, using fifty different radio channels. Thus, it is constantly changing its frequency. In addition, AssureLink products only transmit infrequently and only when necessary, such as when a command is issued to open or close the garage door.

How many log-in User ID's can I have on one account?

You can have only one User ID with an associated password on your account. Other persons in your household can use the same User ID and password to access your account, thereby allowing them to monitor, open, or close your garage door as needed.

How many people can use my account?

Any quantity of people can use your account once you tell them your User ID and password. Otherwise, keep your password secure and private.

How many internet gateways can I have on my account?

You can have many internet gateways on one account, such as one internet gateway at your main home and another internet gateway at your vacation home. Whenever you access your account, you be able to monitor and control the garage door openers or light modules at either house.

Can the AssureLink gateway module be programmed to work with my non-AssureLink garage door opener?

No. Garage door openers without AssureLink connectivity operate on a different communication platform.

Can I upgrade / retro-fit my existing garage door opener to AssureLink?

Non AssureLink upgrade kit for current garage door openers is not available and not currently planned. The communication system on existing garage door openers is not compatible with AssureLink garage door openers.

How can I tell if my Craftsman garage door opener has AssureLink connectivity?

Craftsman AssureLink garage door openers have an "AssureLink" brand label on the motor housing unit. In addition, they come in a carton with "AssureLink" labeling on them. Current model #'s offered are #3043 and #30437.

What do I do when I move to another home?

You have two choices when you move. You can (1) leave the internet gateway with the house and cancel your access to the account, thereby passing the internet gateway to the new occupants. The new occupants can then create their own account for the internet gateway. Or (2) you can keep your account and delete all the devices (e.g., an AssureLink garage door opener) associated with the house from your account. Once you move to a new location that has an AssureLink garage door opener, simply add the new garage door opener to your account.

What do the Green, Blue, and Yellow lights on the internet gateway indicate?

The lights on the internet gateway indicates it current operation. The Green light on solid indicates an active internet connection (will blink off infrequently with data traffic).
The Blue light indicates that the internet gateway has learned at least one AssureLink device (will blink off infrequently when communicating with an AssureLink device).
The Yellow light indicates the internet gateway is actively waiting to learn another AssureLink device. The Yellow light will time out in three minutes if a device is not learned.

Can I still use the remote transmitter in my car if I add the internet gateway?

Yes, you can still use all the remote transmitters, keypads, and wall-controls associated with the garage door opener after you install the internet gateway.

Can I turn off the beeping sound the garage door opener makes when the internet gateway closes the door or can I change its volume?

No, the beeping sound from the garage door opener is an alert for persons near the garage door to stay away from the garage door while it closes. You can not turn the beeping off and you can not change its volume.

How do I remove a garage door opener or light module from my account?

Go to your AssureLink account on the internet and follow the instructions for deleting a device from the account.

How do I "factory reset" my internet gateway so that it erases all learned AssureLink devices?

Always attempt to use your AssureLink account to erase AssureLink devices from the internet gateway. If you must force a full factory reset (a non-recoverable data destruction "hard" reset) to the internet gateway, disconnect power to the internet gateway and while powered off, use a thin tool, such as paper clip or a toothpick, to press and hold pressed the internet gateway's reset button. While continuing to hold the reset button pressed, connect power to the internet gateway. Continue to hold the reset button pressed for 10 — 20 seconds until the gateway's Yellow light blinks, then immediately release the reset button.

I opened my garage door but did not receive my email alert or text message alert immediately. What happened?

Email and text alerts are sent out periodically, about every 5 to 10 minutes. Wait a few minutes and you should receive the alert. If no alert is received, check your alert settings you have within your AssureLink account, paying close attention to the time period(s) associated with the alert.

How many different phones can I use to control my garage door?

There is no limit to the quantity of phones you can use to monitor and control your garage door opener. You can install the smartphone app on any quantity of compatible phones. But, you must use the same user ID and password when accessing to your AssureLink account.

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