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      Consumers Choose Craftsman as One of America Most Reliable Brands


      There is something comforting about a Craftsman wrench, according to the 1.2 million consumer interviews conducted in 2008 via the online BrandIndex poll.

      Craftsman scored well because "there is a feeling out there like the world may be screwed up out there, but I can depend on my tools," said Michael Margolis, president of marketing consultancy Thirsty-Fish. It is "an issue of confidence. People are wondering, 'What brands can I really trust?'"

      Ted Marzilli, general manager of the BrandIndex, agreed. Craftsman is "not showy or flashy. But it is well-known, reasonably priced and good quality." The BrandIndex, conducted by the YouGovPolimetrix research company, polls 5,000 consumers over the age of 18 weekly. They are asked to rate six brand health indicators: quality, satisfaction, willingness to recommend, value, image and reputation.

      Craftsman consistently is named one of America top brands in surveys and polls conducted by branding, advertising, consumer goods and retail organizations.