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      Handy® Magazine Nominates Craftsman MiterMate and Propane Trimmer for 2009 Innovation Award


      Mitermate and propane-powered line trimmer

      The editors of Handy® magazine, a publication of the Handyman Club of America, have nominated the Craftsman MiterMate and Craftsman Propane-Powered Line Trimmer for the 2009 Handy® Innovation Award.

      The Craftsman MiterMate earned its nomination for the truly novel solution it offers woodworkers. By introducing a whole new way to measure and cut miter joints, the MiterMate saves time while also increasing efficiency and accuracy.

      Currently, to determine the correct angle for two molding pieces to meet at a corner, calculations need to be made and rectified. The MiterMate renders those calculations unnecessary thanks to its Angle Finder tool. The Angle Finder automatically measures the angle, which then can be directly transferred to the saw. A woodworker can then move the fences and blade to match the Angle Finder setting, cutting both pieces to form a perfectly mitered corner joint. Craftsman plans to release the MiterMate in Summer 2009.

      You can cook with propane; heat a cabin with it, too. Did you know that you can also cut grass with it? You can with the new Craftsman Propane-Powered Line Trimmer and on of the reasons why the Handy(R) magazine editors nominated it for the 2009 Handy® Innovation Award.

      The Craftsman Propane-Powered Line Trimmer eliminates the need for gas, oil, cords or batteries. Instead, its four-cycle engine runs up to two hours on a standard 16.4 oz. canister of clean-burning propane. The Trimmer Twist Go attachment system makes securing a canister a simple process as well. The Craftsman Propane-Powered Line Trimmer is available in straight-shaft and curved-shaft designs at and Sears stores nationwide.

      The winner of the 2009 Handy® Innovation Award is decided by votes from Handy® magazine readers and visitors to