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Craftsman Wet/Dry
Vacs Get You Out of Any
Mess You Get Into

You don’t plan messes, but you can be better prepared for them. Introducing the all new Craftsman wet/dry vac lineup. These Craftsman vacs feature even more cleaning power than before, especially models with the exclusive XSP™ Extreme Suction Performance. Plus, every vacuum includes convenient on-board hose and accessory storage to keep things organized. So put away the brooms, mops, and squeegees, and reach for a new Craftsman wet/dry vac.

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2.5 Gallon Polypropylene Tank
2 Peak HP Motor
Wall Mount Capability
10 Foot Cord With Cord Wrap
Blower Function
Large Dust-Sealed On/Off Switch
Top Handle
6-Piece Accessory Set

Wet/Dry Vacuums

Light Duty

Craftsman light duty wet/dry vacs are perfect for cleaning small spills and messes inside the home and garage. They are light, portable, versatile, and pack up small for easy storage.

With up to 3 peak HP motors, light duty wet/dry vacs offer plenty of cleaning power for all of life’s little oops.

Cleanup Jobs For Light Duty Wet/Dry Vacs

Dirt Liquids Vehicles Pet Hair Clogged Sink
9 Gallon Polypropylene Tank
On-Board Hose, Accessory & Power Cord Storage
Extra-Large Tank Drain
Over 17 Foot Cleaning Reach
Heavy Duty 360° Casters
Top Handle For Superior Balance
Large Dust-Sealed On/Off Switch
8-Piece Accessory Set

Wet/Dry Vacuums

Medium Duty

Craftsman medium duty wet/dry vacs can handle tougher chores like workshop cleanup and basement seepage. Medium duty vacuums offer improved cleaning power, bigger tank sizes, and higher peak HP motors over light duty vacs, so you can clean bigger messes faster.

Cleanup Jobs For Light Duty Wet/Dry Vacs

Dirt Liquids Vehicles Pet Hair Clogged Sink Flooded Appliance Workshop Garage Seepage
& Backup
20 Gallon Polypropylene Tank
6.5 Peak HP Hi-Performance Motor
On-Board Hose, Accessory & Power Cord Storage
Top Tray Storage
Extra-Large Tank Drain
Heavy Duty 360° Casters
Over 27 Foot Cleaning Reach
Ergonomic Handle For Comfort & Balance
Large Dust-Sealed On/Off Switch
10-Piece Accessory Set

Wet/Dry Vacuums

Heavy Duty

Craftsman heavy duty wet/dry vacs are ready to take on serious cleanup jobs. Metal, glass, basement flooding, and jobsite debris are no match for these workhorses. With technology like XSP™ Extreme Suction Performance and detachable 265 MPH detachable blower, Craftsman heavy duty vacs will power through big messes like nobody’s business.

Maxing out with 20 Gallon tanks, these heavy duty vacs won’t stop until the messes are gone.

Cleanup Jobs For Light Duty Wet/Dry Vacs

Dirt Liquids Vehicles Pet Hair Clogged Sink Flooded Appliance Workshop Garage Flooded Basement Seepage
& Backup
Tree Needles Clogged Gutter Jobsite Debris Blower
4 Gallon Polypropylene Tank
5 Peak Dual-Turbo Motor
On-Board Hose, Accessory & Power Cord Storage
Multi-Stage Filtration Including HEPA
Over 22 Foot Cleaning Range
Top Handle For Superior Balance
Large Dust-Sealed On/Off Switch
14-Piece Accessory Set

Wet/Dry Vacuums


Craftsman specialty wet/dry vacs come equipped with Dual-Turbo Motors. Their compact design doesn’t mean they skimp on power. Besides being quiet enough for whole-house use, Dual-Turbo Motor technology also adds enhanced suction power for tackling tough cleaning jobs.

With wall-mount capability, automatic cord rewind, remote control operation, and 14-piece accessory kits, these Craftsman specialty wet/dry vacs are big on everything – except noise.

Cleanup Jobs For Light Duty Wet/Dry Vacs

Dirt Liquids Vehicles Pet Hair Clogged Sink Garage Tree Needles

Cleaning Power

Let’s talk power.

Most vacuums list the peak horsepower (Peak HP) output of their motors. Peak HP indicates the general power performance of a motor. Typically heavy duty vacs have motors with the highest Peak HP. However, determining Cleaning Power goes beyond horsepower.

Cleaning Power is a combination of the airflow and suction that a vacuum can produce. Since you won’t find this information printed on the box, use Peak HP and the vacuum's hose diameter as a rough Cleaning Power performance indicator.

Vacuums with higher Peak HP and larger diameter hose typically can handle vacuuming larger, heavier debris.


Extreme. Suction. Performance.

When cleaning big messes, you‘ll want the serious cleaning power of Craftsman wet/dry vacs with XSP technology. With more suction power than Shop-Vac® or Ridgid®*, XSP means business.

And since you can never have too many places to store things, XSP vacuums have top-tray storage right on top of the vacuum. Put your sockets, hardware, and hand tools there for quick access while you work. Plus, the ergonomic top-carry handle makes it easy to transport your XSP vac to the next mess.

*Craftsman XSP 12 gallon #12006 compared to Ridgid WD1270 and Shop-Vac 944-14-11; Craftsman XSP 16 gallon #12007 compared to Ridgid WD1851 and Shop-Vac 966-16-11; Craftsman XSP 20 gallon #12009 compared to Shop-Vac 966-20-11. All as measured by air watts.

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Dual-Turbo Motor

Is your loud vacuum driving you crazy? Then ditch your ear plugs and reach for an ultra-quiet Craftsman wet/dry vac with the Dual-Turbo Motor.

This innovative two-stage motor uses two separate impellors (rotors used to move air) to enhance suction power and make it quiet enough to be your go-to vacuum for the entire household.

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On-board Storage

Keep everything in its place.

On-board storage makes it easy to keep your wet/dry vac accessories organized and accessible as you work. And when it’s time to roll the wet/dry vac away, the on-board storage system keeps your power cord, hose, and attachments tucked into place until you’re ready to tackle the next cleaning project.

All Craftsman wet/dry vacs offer integrated on-board storage and a center-mounted carrying handle to make moving your vac from storage to cleanup easy and hassle-free.

Tank Size

Size matters when you’ve got a big mess on your hands.

Tank sizes for wet/dry vacs are normally stated in gallons. If you plan on using your wet/dry vac for cleaning up big messes, going with a larger tank size means you won’t need to stop to empty the tank as often.

By the way, a pump accessory is available for many wet/dry vacs that continuously pumps liquids straight from the tank to a remote drain while you work.

Cleaning Reach

Tired of having to change power outlets just to finish vacuuming? Then upgrade to a wet/dry vac with more cleaning reach.

Cleaning reach is the maximum distance that a wet/dry vac can reach without needing an extension cord or changing outlets. To determine cleaning reach, simply add the cord and hose lengths together.

Tank Drain Port

Dumping the vac tank doesn’t have to be a backbreaker.

When cleaning up basement seepage or unclogging a tub drain, a wet/dry vac tank can become heavy and unwieldy to empty. If you plan on using you wet/dry vac for these types of jobs, an extra-large tank drain port feature makes emptying the tank a breeze without needing to lift or tip the tank over.

A pump accessory is also available for continuously pumping liquids straight from the tank to a remote drain as you work for nonstop liquid cleanup.

Wall Mount

Reclaim your floor space.

Wall mountable wet/dry vacs are great for garages, laundry rooms, workshops, and any place where floor space is a premium. In the workshop, hook it up to your saw’s dust chute for hands-free dust collection. For the ultimate in portability, wall-mounted vacs have convenient carrying handles so you can take them wherever the messes are. As an added bonus, some wall mount vacs even include a handy remote control.

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Put down the broom and dust pan.

When you own a Craftsman wet/dry vac, chances are you won’t need to own a separate blower. By simply attaching the vacuum hose to the exhaust port, you transform your wet/dry vac into a blower that can clear patio, yard, and shop debris.

Need a blower with more oomph and increased portability? Check out the Craftsman wet/dry vac with detachable blower. With one-hand easy blower release, it transforms into a 265 MPH blower with the touch of a button.

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Let’s clear the air about wet/dry vac filters.

Many people aren’t aware that most wet/dry vacs only come with a dry pickup filter. For liquids, a wet application filter should be used. Craftsman wet/dry vacs come standard with both wet and dry pickup filters for your convenience and savings.

People with allergies or special considerations will appreciate the HEPA filters that come standard on certain models of Craftsman wet/dry vacs. The HEPA material is designed to filter particles as small as 0.3 microns to ensure the air your vacuum exhausts is clean and allergen-free.


Accessories make your wet/dry vac work harder and smarter for you.

Craftsman wet/dry vacs come standard with a variety of handy attachments and versatile nozzles. Have more specific cleaning needs? Craftsman also offers a wide selection of aftermarket accessories to maintain and enhance the performance of your wet/dry vac.




Tray Top

Peak HP

Motor & Air

Tank Size

Tank Drain

Hose Diameter

Hose Length

Power Cord


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